One Jackal, Two Rhinos, Three Zebra…..

Today marks the 18th day I have been in South Africa. It also marks almost a week since my last blog update. Whoops! Tonight I want to share some photos I took on Monday at the game reserve in Pilansberg. It was our first day off since I arrived, and we spent about 13 hours there. Pilansberg is about a two-hour drive away, so we left the house at 6am. The first animal we saw was a rhino, which was followed by zebras, a jackal, baby rhino, blue wildebeest, giraffe, hippos, wild hogs, kudu, klipspringers, and many other animals! We also worked our way up to the top of a mountain to look out over the whole game reserve. The view was breath taking!


Baby Rhino!!!








Black Wildebeest










Klipspringer (Rock Jumper). This is an adult!


The hippos were hard to find. These were the only ones we could get photos of.


I found these red bugs when we stopped to picnic. I have never seen something so red! God is such an amazing designer!



“Look at my tongue!”


The giraffe version of the “duck face”.




On our way down the mountain!


The landscape was so breathtaking! Unfortunately a camera cannot capture the actual beauty.


This is the P2P group that I have been working with for the last two weeks. Left to Right: Matt, Me, Llewellyn, Lauren, Namaan, Leona, Rachel, Doug, Sue, Andrew, and Cindy.


This picture captures how I have been feeling over the last 18 days!! Can’t wait to continue my story!



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