Champion a Child/KINOS Kids

Champion a Child sponsors over thirty children in Jamaica. With your gracious support, we have been able to steadily grow this little program from just a few children who needed help, to a sustained, life-changing venture.

Thanks to Champion a Child, and the generous support of the sponsors in the program, we are making a difference in the lives of these kids through education and ecclesial involvement.

With your sponsorship, a child will be able to afford books and uniforms for school. They will be able to afford transportation to and from school, and will be provided with enough money to have lunch provided three times per week.

Your sponsorship supports a child’s education while helping them learn to be accountable for their actions. We individually oversee each and every child on our program.  Children on this program are also encouraged and expected to attend classes and social events sponsored by a local Bible-based church group.  The children enjoy singing, dancing, games, and study in a group setting that encourages them to become both a successful student, and a more effective servant of God.  While enrolled in our Champion a Child program, these children have the opportunity to become profitable servants of God through education, nourishment, community involvement, and love.

The children who are sponsored in the Champion a Child program range from Kindergarten through High School.  With your sponsorship, a child can be better equipped to continue their education and learn to become a valuable contributor to their community and to the body of Christ.  They are gaining knowledge and life skills that will help them find a career and develop faith in God.

Your sponsorship of $40.00 per month will help pay for the cost of textbooks, uniforms, food, and transportation to and from school. For your generous donation, you will receive a picture of the child assigned to you. The children are expected to correspond by mail every semester to let you know how they like school, and what they are learning. Sponsors can reply to student letters with encouragement and motivation. Making a difference in the lives of these students takes more than your monetary contribution. It takes hard work on the ground by our volunteers.

Champion a Child is staffed only by volunteers who do not get paid for their service. Administrative costs for this program are kept to a minimum and are met through special donations, not sponsorship funds. All of our supplies, materials, time and labor are donated by dedicated, caring people.

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