IGNITE 2020—Jamaica & S. Africa

The IGNITE 2020 – Jamaica project is inspired by the fantastic work being done in South Africa as described here: IGNITE 2020.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist the congregations in Jamaica in building the congregation of God on the earth by:

  • Assisting with training and support necessary to successfully establish after school programs (or whatever else God may lead us to), thereby
  • Assisting local Jamaican congregations (ecclesias) to establish meaningful long-term relationships in their own communities, and
  • Providing valuable services to those communities with the goal of teaching others of the saving name of God and Christ.

Here is what we’re doing in Free Hill:

We are developing an after-school program to teach teens basic computer skills that should make the students more employable.  If successful, this will be a huge benefit to the students as individuals as well as the community at large.  The curriculum is being designed to teach Biblical principles at the same time as it teaches the computer skills.  Free Hill, Jamaica will be the first in what, God willing, will be many such programs based on the curriculum being developed.  We are planning to deliver the program to the congregation in Free Hill during the first half of 2012.

Here’s what we are doing in Round Hill:

We are planning a football(soccer for American readers) program that will take place during the Christmas Holidays.  Members in Round Hill have a team leader with expertise in the game, recognition of that expertise by the target audience, respect from that audience for his beliefs and respect for the way those beliefs inform his real-life decisions.  They have members able to support the work on
the playing field who are able to continue to the program in the future.

What we need:

  • Your prayers!
  • Funds – they have NOTHING so we must supply EVERYTHING

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