The Jamaica Farm Project

Growing, Learning, Leading

This project is a very large, expensive venture that will take a great deal of financial support to accomplish. The basic purpose of the Jamaica Farm Project is to start a profitable farm in close proximity to brothers and sisters in one of the Jamacian ecclesias. This farm would ideally provide both food, employment, and a steady income for the brothers and sisters who work on the farm. This will allow them to earn enough money to survive and to farm enough food to feed their families.

 A pilot project has already begun with about 1000 chickens being raised in a regular cycle. This provided enough income and work to keep one person busy. In order to support several people and their families, we would need to expand such a farm to include produce, pigs, goats, and many more chickens.

Currently, the chicken coops are on land behind a friend’s house, and it wouldn’t make sense to build a farm on someone else’s land. We need to locate and purchase a sizeable piece of property that will belong to the ecclesia to make this project work. That will be the largest initial expense.

We would then plan to build a home and ecclesia on the property. The reason behind this is that the brother or sister who oversees the farm operation will need to live on the property to help deter theft and vandalism. It wouldn’t make sense to put all your produce and livestock somewhere without any kind of security. Building an ecclesial hall on the land will also solve the problem of not having a regular place to worship.

Since this project is still in its beginning stages, details are sketchy.  It is very clear, however, that we would need some serious investors and volunteers before we can move much closer to making this dream a reality.

In addition to funding, we need to draw from a much larger talent pool. Project planners, farming experts, down the road- builders? This is a wonderful ‘ground floor’ opportunity for people wanting to sink their teeth into a long-range plan and really make a difference in many lives over the long haul.

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