Micro-Loan Projects

We have begun to roll out a new charitable venture that helps our brethren become self-sufficient providers for their families. Many people with exceptional talents and abilities do not have the start up cost to get their “small business” off the ground. For example, one brother in Jamaica would like to start a small car washing business. Another brother would like to do lawn care. A sister wants to start a small candy business selling penny candy to her local community. These are all small ventures and simple ways to earn a meager living, but some of our brethren lack the minimal funds needed to start even a small venture.  This program/fund will enable Many Seeds Ministries to loan money to brothers and sisters to help get their small business started, or to grow their existing small venture.  We require a simple business plan, and a reasonable re-payment schedule at 0% interest. Your monetary contribution to this program will enable these people and others to get their plans off the ground. Once the money is payed back, it will be re-invested in other micro-loan projects.

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