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Lost and Keep

Today was technically an “off” day. Since we work Tuesday through Sunday, Monday is time that Lucas and Leona have set aside to at least try and stay at home. So here is how my “off day’ went (and just for the record, I had an AWESOME day and I feel very productive about it).

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Tuesdays with Leona

I am starting to see how much I am being changed when I originally thought I was coming here to be doing the changing in other people’s lives. I just wish everyone could have this kind of an experience.

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Let The Angels Rejoice

Welcoming new brothers or sisters into the family of God is always special. This weekend we had the blessing of witnessing three baptisms.

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Stop And Smell The Roses

Sometimes we need a little reminder from God to slow down and appreciate the little things in our day. I learned that lesson today.

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Has It Really Been a Month?!

It is hard for me to believe that I have been living in South Africa for 4 weeks now. It really only feels like it has been a few days. I think I can attribute that to the amount of things Leona tries to cram into one day! She is an amazing woman. Recently though, we all had a “break” at the International South African Bible School in Drakensberg (Dragon’s Peak).

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One Jackal, Two Rhinos, Three Zebra…..

Going to Pilansberg was so unreal. It was very hard to make my mind see these “zoo animals” as wild, and very common things in South Africa. That trip made me realize I was actually in Africa!

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Seeing Miracles

Take a look at my latest post to see how to update a creche, and what preschool deliveries look like!

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Friday In South Africa

I am just so comfortable here and excited to finally be a part of this wonderful mission. I go to bed every night completely happy.

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The Journey

Little did I know how these kids were going to wiggle their way into my heart so quickly.

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Let The Countdown Begin!

Just five more days till I take off from Cleveland, Ohio, and only six days till I land in South Africa, God willing! This is an adventure and opportunity of a lifetime that God has given me.

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